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University teacher recruitment millions of transactions !

The appointments of lecturers in public universities to a maximum of three lakh to Rs 0 million in illegal transactions complained that Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB). “The government appointed a lecturer at the University of: Governance Challenges and Way Forward on Sunday published a research report on the company’s Dhanmondi office all information on the highlights. According to the report, most studies lecturer at the University of violating recruitment rules for financial transactions. The appointment of a lecturer at the University of Rs three lakh to a maximum of up to 0 million transactions were found. This trend of financial transactions is more common at universities and relatively new. Sometimes the dominant financial transactions through the good academic results, political ideology, regionalism, relationships, etc. do not get priority. According to the...

Bangladesh is no longer in Australia !

Bangladesh-New Zealand newspapers, including the upcoming one-day series against New Zealand with analysis, expert’s opinion. It is being written, Bangladesh and Australia but it is not! So, as soon as the ground several Despite surrendering the series to win on home soil to the dominance of New Zealand. And the fruit of the estimated kasate tour of Bangladesh and New Zealand easily won every match looking to win! This is to remind them, but as soon as the country’s success in the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy against Australia a clean sweep of the story will not be deleted from the history of New Zealand. 32 before the ODI series defeat in India, I have no story. India India is much more dangerous for any team. But New Zealand was slightly different. However, their recent tour of the takamatao team defeated Kane Williamson. The tour is a whitewash of New Zealand in the first Test....

Now Labaid NEGLIGENCE said. Shammi’s death, the dead body of the test Experiment !

I do not have the golden boys?” It is a flashy TV ads in the hands of business profits lutache Labaid treatment, increased business empire; The safety of life of patients has decreased. Music Department of Dhaka University Professor Mridul Kanti Chakraborty died due to medical negligence compensation of Rs 50 lakh Labaid that there was mismanagement and negligence of the Chest Diseases Hospital, Associate Professor Dr. Shammi Nayeemul Haq has sparked debate about the tragic deaths. His death is Labaid statement, Shammi friends and doctors do not accept it. Labaid opposite charges against them. Various social media conversations from Facebook. When looking at the information that has come up, which is wonderful. If that happens, the consequences of a doctor’s forehead, then what is the general condition of the patients, it is understandable. According to the investigation, normal...

The Indian Premier League (IPL) was the assistant coach Simon helamata haradarabadera Sunrisers won.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) was the assistant coach Simon helamata haradarabadera Sunrisers won. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has coach Rahman Hyderabad, the Simon helamatake high performance program. The 44-year-old Australian coach of the news coming Saturday A notice has been confirmed by the Board. HP held from August to October, the camp will be in charge as head of helamata. Two yagera coaching career at the national level in many countries helamata served as coach. Twenty World Cup in Australia, has worked as an assistant coach. The Australia ‘A’ team head coach. The Caribbean Cricket League (CPL) is the team he served as head coach of Trinidad and Tobago. Also, the Big Bash team harikyanasera Hobart served as the assistant coach of the Australian coach.

Binasulke can be done without disturbance from abroad

Binasulke from abroad can be a maximum of 65 kg of baggage. If an item can not be more than 15 kg. 1 year or older to air and sea passengers have been given in this case. Rule 01 of the rules of the NBR June najibura Rahman was issued in the form of notification of the new rules. The new bidhimalete passengers say it is not a tourist, but rather refers to passengers who come from abroad. And the ‘baggage’ of passengers to legitimate imported food, household, clothing or other personal content implies. Each item shall not exceed 15 kg. Meanwhile, passengers under the age of 1 bag weighing up to 40 kg, cartoon, or bring a sack for personal baggage taxes and do not pay taxes. On the other hand, a foreign passport or national passenger one liter of beverage alcohol without paying customs duties and taxes can bring. There are also rules, a passenger up to 100 grams of gold, 00 grams...

Bangladesh Saudi Arabia is important for three reasons

Active role of the military alliance, the public opinion against the move, and trade and investment in the process of considering these three issues are of particular importance to its relations with Bangladesh Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently finished a tour with a warm welcome and the highest level meeting in Saudi Arabia this message. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to Dhaka and Riyadh associated with working with multiple officers found the words. However, the closer the relationship between the two countries from the government to be one of the main priorities of the country’s manpower export market, but how much is being expanded, it is not yet clear. Because, five million workers from Bangladesh exports to Saudi Arabia, but Saudi authorities such news did not mention any numbers. Referring to WikiLeaks published secret documents of the two diplomats...

Govt to implement CHT peace deal during current tenure

Implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) peace accord would be ensured during the tenure of the present government. This was stated by Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader on Thursday. “There is no scope for delay in implementing the agreement,” he told the journalists after inaugurating three bridges here. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided Taka 25 crore for construction of the three bridges. The government has given emphasis on the development of the hill region and brought the remote areas of hill districts under the communication networks, he said. Quader said the government is committed to implement the CHT peace accord for maintaining peace and continuing development in the region. The government has decided to construct 57 more bridges at a cost of Taka 190 crore to make visible the development in Khagrachhari district, the minister...

Dark circles will go away forever.

Both men and women have been working late hours or any personal reason. Especially at a young age to go to sleep at night is the two-half bejei. Also, people who suffer from insomnia problems, even in their sleep late. In effect can be seen in the faces of the night and waking up. Dark eyes sarkelai night waking problems in the stands. Dark circles are quite annoying to everyone. If it is dark around the eyes to see that it takes quite bisrii. But a trip to the small dark circle problem can ever take away. Want to know how? But let’s get to know. Required – 8-10 fresh mint leaves – 1 cup medium saucepan tea liquor – Cotton pad (If not, you can fold the tissue) Method and use – Put in a bowl with basil leaves torn in small hands. – When the tea liquor and poured it on chilly days and mint leaves. – The Liquor go completely cold. If you want to cool in the refrigerator for 10-15...

Four-six-glance alone, 100 runs and touched a mosque

Dhaka Premier League glory alone, 100 runs and took four sixes Victoria’s opening batsman cricket setadiyame Ghazi Khan Sahib Abdul majidaedina poor Cricketers group match against Victoria, set out on 19 runs in 33 overs. Century Imtiaz Hussain, the highest scorer, surpassing tannake he came out on top. Mohammed Sharif Abdul Majid, made by pushing the ball at long-off. And therein is the first back-to-back centuries in the Premier League this season, he touched a new maiphalaka. 8 to 9 fours and two sixes in his 100 innings Majid set. In the meantime, a six over mid-wicket and left-arm spinner Enamul Mustakim hit with 5-year-old player. Moinul Islam spinner hit another six over mid-wicket. Majid played 118 innings in the previous match against Brothers.
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Apu going to take legal action

Apu Biswas behind the scenes for a long time. Yaoyara fat contracts in the name of the photographs also gave up midway. And the rest of the shooting, he was not in touch with any of them with the director. Producers and directors are facing billions of dollars in losses. The secretary general of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar told Channel Online, I came up with some charges. Actress Apu Biswas several days, do not communicate with anyone. His inquiries are not getting. Does anyone know where Alamgir. There are several pictures of him stopped. If he is not available if the producers will lose a lot of money. And if the allegations are proved, the producer and director of the Association will take legal action against faith on the part of the heroine of the APU. They will do whatever can be done legally. One of the reasons for the heroine, and the producers...