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3:31 am - Wednesday October 18, 2017

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Penalty of charge for not giving information

Right to Information Act for not giving information Bhatara capital, police said. Nurul mottakinake 5 has been fined. Not only that, the commission has asked the higher authorities to file a lawsuit against the department. Chief Information Commissioner Ghulam Rahman told reporters on Tuesday. However, the High Court has directed the police Bhatara whether the information you wanted to know a man named Alauddin Al Masum. Bhatara police chief refused to accept the application, he complained to the Information Commission, said the Commission in a press release. Nurul mottakinake called police complaints commission hearing. But he did not present information to the Commission. “Absent since the hearing and did not appeal to him at any time (OC) and fined five thousand departmental disciplinary action against him had been instructed to take the higher authority,” the statement said. Chief...