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8:02 am - Sunday August 20, 2017

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More than 70 years after the aircraft wreckage found in America

More than 70 years after the aircraft wreckage found in America. Recently, it was handed over to the United States on behalf of the Malaysian government. The presence of US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, a timber filled with debris malaiyesiya Basque army were handed over to the US military. Calcutta 4 of the news report said. On 7 November 1945. America had departed from Singapore penanyera uddasye C-47. He was on board the flight officer, Lieutenant fast and Donald Jones. But within minutes of flight, the plane disappeared.     Lost contact with traffic control. Three days after the incident was not tracing bimanakarmidera was declared dead. Dhbansabasesera first flight in 1966, but the investigation has not been found. In 1985, the two came to the spot. But the picture of America in the hands of 009 dhbansabasesera reached before the jungles of Malaysia. The US Embassy had...

Khaleda Zia agreed to terms of a dialogue with the Prime Minister

The ongoing political crisis, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has rejected the offer of dialogue, the Prime Minister said, “like war criminals,” he declared at the dialogue with the Pirates will consider. At her home after a visit to the Netherlands on Sunday at a press conference, the Prime Minister, please do not ask me to negotiate with killers. She (Khaleda) went to the pub and sat down, the smell of burnt human. To disrupt the election, the Prime Minister accused the BNP and Jamaat man burned to death.   The Prime Minister, his (she) talk on the telephone with the ‘sprinkler’ has to eat. His son died at home, on the face of the door has been closed. Before the election, when the nation was required and that the government had proposed to the Ministry, but he killed people and burned to disrupt the election. This arrangement will sit with a murderer! He said when...

The music can be heard now on Facebook

Everything can be found on Facebook, not just listening to the music of the users is regrettably low. The good news is that, in the face of the demands of the end users, Facebook has started to work with music features. Facebook news feed arranged in the form of a new post box. Postabaksatite is currently writing “What’s On Your Mind? ‘. With some of its photos, videos, ayakatibhitija, link, location, etc. can be added. Now there’s going to add to Facebook “Music Stories” option. This option allows users to add 30-second short music track status. Facebook has partnered with Apple for the music. Mac users are just the initial opportunity. Facebook is connected to a music player which you can listen to an album of 30-second samples of music listeners. Facebook for use in third-party apps do not have any left. Even for the music on your Mac in the Apple or...