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3:06 pm - Monday September 26, 2918

University teacher recruitment millions of transactions !

The appointments of lecturers in public universities to a maximum of three lakh to Rs 0 million in illegal transactions complained that Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB). “The government appointed a lecturer at the University of: Governance Challenges and Way Forward on Sunday published a research report on the company’s Dhanmondi office all information on the highlights.

According to the report, most studies lecturer at the University of violating recruitment rules for financial transactions. The appointment of a lecturer at the University of Rs three lakh to a maximum of up to 0 million transactions were found. This trend of financial transactions is more common at universities and relatively new. Sometimes the dominant financial transactions through the good academic results, political ideology, regionalism, relationships, etc. do not get priority.

According to the report, the country is currently 37 public universities are conducting their activities. There are 47 people in 1 of these universities. 1:19 ratio of teachers and students. There are two thousand 830 teachers, lecturers, teachers and 4 percent of the total. Universities are largely autonomous and governed by its own laws.

According to the study, a university lecturer who is concerned with the process of recruitment of graduate-level policy makers failed to achieve results, CGPA 3.50. To appoint him to such a situation for a long time as well as the conditions of employment of 325 was reduced to 3.5 CGPA. Soon after the completion of the recruitment process goes back to the previous condition of the university.

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