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8:01 am - Sunday August 20, 2017

Now Labaid NEGLIGENCE said. Shammi’s death, the dead body of the test Experiment !

I do not have the golden boys?” It is a flashy TV ads in the hands of business profits lutache Labaid treatment, increased business empire; The safety of life of patients has decreased.

Music Department of Dhaka University Professor Mridul Kanti Chakraborty died due to medical negligence compensation of Rs 50 lakh Labaid that there was mismanagement and negligence of the Chest Diseases Hospital, Associate Professor Dr. Shammi Nayeemul Haq has sparked debate about the tragic deaths.
His death is Labaid statement, Shammi friends and doctors do not accept it. Labaid opposite charges against them. Various social media conversations from Facebook. When looking at the information that has come up, which is wonderful.
If that happens, the consequences of a doctor’s forehead, then what is the general condition of the patients, it is understandable. According to the investigation, normal heart at 11am on December 1, as the doctor checked. Abdul Wadud’s Angiogram done under the supervision of Dr. Dhanmondi go to hospital. Shammi Nayeemul Haq. Even at the hospital on his own two minutes 11 uploaded a picture. During the Angiogram died.

Angiogram doctor by profession, being a witness could not stay there the whole time. Labaid a specialist doctor. Wadud gave him out. Said that in the room. Angiogram Shammi was the emergency oxygen cylinders and there was bhentilesanera. Patients with severe shortness of breath after the oxygen supply is not timely.
According to further investigation, 8-10 minutes of crying the other one doctor on duty was entered. Dr witnessed this. Roksana Akhter said on his Facebook page, off-duty doctor before entering Nayeemul Haq Shammi died. The dead man to save themselves began to experiment with a different kind. Which is not desirable in any way. He, like the time when the supply of oxygen and die if there is a enyasthetista would decline.
Said. Shammi Nayeemul Haque addressed a wide variety of shows to explain the cause of death Labaid authorities. Angiogram of 3 diagnosed with heart block when pressure increases and the time the patient has started to accumulate water in the lungs. As a result, he died.

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