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4:33 pm - Tuesday April 25, 2017

Ashraful Ashraful divorced wife is due to the glow !

0x200Former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful is going to be a father.

The couple’s son kolajure Ashraful glow coming September.

Ashraful banned all forms of cricket for spot-fixing now. In August, the ban has expired.

A few days later to return to cricket will be the first time the father Mohammad Ashraful. So now the joy of his time passing.

The big-hitting batsman said the good news. He did not say whether the child was a boy or a girl.

Ashraful said, “Of course I’m happy. The child’s father does not compare to the feeling. I am a father, cricket phirachi What could be more joy? ”

Ashraful’s father, Abdul Matin said, however, hope that their family is natii new guest!

Anika glow on December 11 last year, Taslima was married to Mohammad Ashraful.

Ashraful Bangladesh national team witnessed many record 61 Tests, 177 ODIs and T 3 0 played. Sabamile 6 of 655 runs.

Meanwhile, the Indian media reported on Thursday, which is another plus any Ashraful fans eyes will see. Media claimed, give birth to glow another matter. Ashraful with the immorality of women will divorce her glow. Although Ashraful said, the completely false. Indian media reports put out the fire spreading happiness in the world.

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