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4:42 pm - Thursday April 27, 2017

Smart nut vendor, “said Tahmina”

TAHOMINAWhat sarobare Tagore’s short-short black thongaya the ferry was a girl. Although age is not less mistaken her children again. As a young girl. The first shows that vendors would not be clear to him. Because ear headphones white, navy blue shirt, and wearing jeans legs conversion, and what it takes! It is the identity of the elite. Gelo to see the back of his neck hanging bamboo bags and baskets from medium-small thongaya small ferry has been filled with nuts. But the buyers ‘vendor’, unwilling to think! Each surprised! The question came to be told the name of the taruni Tahmina Rahman. Age 3. Family and friends called “the called. He is a student of the Department of Management trtiyabarsera Lalmatia Women’s College. Saturia born at Manikganj. Now in Dhanmondi. Saturia Habibur Rahman’s father worked at the hospital; Ayesha Habib’s mother worked at the same hospital. After my mother died and 008 became the father alone, according to the study leave his father daughter’s stay in Dhaka. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) came under pressure at the end of higher education in Malaysia. Then the whole family turned, refused to be held in Malaysia last word. The desire to do something on the ground. The strong desire for freedom, everyone preferred the profession since its inception. The first could not dare.

But the city’s fashionable vendors write Tajul Islam (9) Van Dream “speech courage gave heart and soul. For that reason, such as writing a noble family, being considered one of the great works of the city’s streets to sell his nuts. Smart nuts are sold to various points in the Dhanmondi. Saturia buys nuts from 80 to 90 rupees per kg. Badamagulo home bhajasaha choose well. The aesthetic view into the black thongaya handed over to buyers. At the end of the day, just a few hours to two araisa returned home to earn money. He stressed that any actions of any person, equally and sees the word sought. Tahmina told in the context of the sale of nuts, good for a travel agency job (job) I used to. Walk down the nut job from the job market. I like a lot of independent life. Everything is great. Always work. Work should be no discrimination. Travel agency business selling nuts and I could not find any difference! Because the two pesai great to me. And people can change the thinking spirit. Bangladesh is such a big job in a small It is not possible. So out of all the frustration that is given to the mind. He was betting that many doctors or engineers should be. It is not all a dream come true.

Work frustration. Some people take the path of evil theft and robbery. But that’s of no use to acquire personal means to keep yourself happy. I’ve done but I do not like travel. It was difficult for me to abide by during the day, like a robot. However, I feel much better now, do something for yourself. Nuts also have the freedom to sell …. Lalmatia Women’s College, returned home by the end of the class. Then yesamaya to chat with friends at the time, this woman nuts are sold. The girl was nuts to sell any problem is what? Tahmina Rahman said in response to a question, I’m nuts seller; Many people do not want to believe it. Some question if anyone can help me basena (fundraising) is here. I’m here to help them balk myself, I Want to Do Something. He said the important thing is not how much money selling nuts. My message to all the children: ‘Let’s do something. ” Do not sit idle at the time of the works should be given equal importance.

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