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4:34 pm - Tuesday April 25, 2017

Apu Biswas had the same lack of money !

apuPopular film actress Nutan evidence. At this point, all of a sudden, but the carrier has to hide himself. Apu Biswas did not act in any movie in the last two months. Even in the last 10-15 days, with any producer or director did not talk about any of the pictures. It’s Gulshan Niketan elakara APS “Ladies Fitness Club, was also shut down the APU believes that the gymnasium.

Last May 31, the date of the gym closed without any announcement. However, the employees pay dues.

The APU uncle Swapan Kumar Biswas said, “A week ago I was at home at Apu. Then learn about the passing of Jim’s business was not good. If a business is not good, it does not make sense to continue. Basically, the business has closed jimati successive loss for him. ”

However, according to calaccitranganera many other actresses to work with the regular Shakeeb lately APU simply can not accept. For this reason, perhaps with a new film to Shakeeb Huff was born in his mind.

And they said, despite the urgings of many manufacturers did not work much with another hero APU. Even the co-production, the film has turned. And he said Shakib Khan. If you sacrifice so much for Apu Biswas Shakeeb, then why not shocked! Shakeeb with basagiri film Apu ‘no’ given the context, it says they are sufficiently discussed.

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