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3:29 am - Wednesday October 18, 2017

Binasulke can be done without disturbance from abroad

Binasulke from abroad can be a maximum of 65 kg of baggage. If an item can not be more than 15 kg. 1 year or older to air and sea passengers have been given in this case.
Rule 01 of the rules of the NBR June najibura Rahman was issued in the form of notification of the new rules.
The new bidhimalete passengers say it is not a tourist, but rather refers to passengers who come from abroad. And the ‘baggage’ of passengers to legitimate imported food, household, clothing or other personal content implies. Each item shall not exceed 15 kg.
Meanwhile, passengers under the age of 1 bag weighing up to 40 kg, cartoon, or bring a sack for personal baggage taxes and do not pay taxes.
On the other hand, a foreign passport or national passenger one liter of beverage alcohol without paying customs duties and taxes can bring.
There are also rules, a passenger up to 100 grams of gold, 00 grams duties and taxes without raupyalankara can bring. But the same can not be more than 1 type of ornament.

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