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3:29 am - Wednesday October 18, 2017

Bangladesh Saudi Arabia is important for three reasons

Active role of the military alliance, the public opinion against the move, and trade and investment in the process of considering these three issues are of particular importance to its relations with Bangladesh Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently finished a tour with a warm welcome and the highest level meeting in Saudi Arabia this message. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to Dhaka and Riyadh associated with working with multiple officers found the words. However, the closer the relationship between the two countries from the government to be one of the main priorities of the country’s manpower export market, but how much is being expanded, it is not yet clear. Because, five million workers from Bangladesh exports to Saudi Arabia, but Saudi authorities such news did not mention any numbers.

Referring to WikiLeaks published secret documents of the two diplomats said the ruling Awami League in recent years, with the turning of the Saudi government, there is a change. In the past, when the Awami League was in power in the oil-rich country’s relationship with its cool, but this time is no exception. According to the WikiLeaks documents, stop the war crimes trial of Jamaat-e-Islami and BNP meet the political crisis in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia requested the intervention of the Saudi authorities did not take cognizance of it. Asked about Ambassador in Riyadh, said Ghulam Masih, the Prime Minister’s visit to the hospitality of the Saudi authorities is clear that Bangladesh is of particular importance. The Prime Minister’s entourage, as well as the status of the business delegation of the royal guests. After the meeting with the Saudi king and his defense and economic advisers have been meeting privately with the Prime Minister. This depends on the progress of implementation of the decisions in relation to the visit

To advance the issue.
According to the ambassador, the economic adviser to the Saudi King Salman Yasir al-rumayana the country’s investment fund specialized public expressed a desire to invest in Bangladesh. As part of this, he asked for a list of potential investment fields. The defense adviser to the Saudi king Salman Khan talks about defense cooperation between the two countries. The participation of Saudi-led military alliance diplomat said when asked about the terror of not giving any concessions to the country’s policy, she pointed to the Saudi King Salman. If necessary, under the threat of military operations of the Two Holy Mosques, the Prime Minister referred to the fact that part of the country. The scope of the alliance was not yet finalized. How can the role of the country, about what is being said in various stages. In the meantime, members of the country’s army chief and defense alliance meeting. In addition, many countries are not directly involved in any type of military equipment that may contribute to the opportunity.
According to diplomatic sources, Saudi Arabia, on behalf of the public opinion against the visit of the Prime Minister spoke about various measures. However, the internal affairs of any country, not melted, and fellowship to all, malice towards none, it must comply with the principle Bangladesh Saudi Arabia has been said. Asked about the trade and investment of more than one diplomat said Saudi Arabia, the Saudi dhanakuberara their investment away from oil to other sectors are the priority. Saudi traders outside the United States and Europe as well as Asia and has taken the initiative to invest in other countries around the world. Due to the country’s businessmen to Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, the Prime Minister proposed the establishment of a specialized economic zone. Saudi Arabia, the proposed public-private investment of any kind for the region has been welcomed by the Prime Minister. Ministerial delegation for a first hand look at the situation in Saudi Arabia, the final investment decision.
A diplomatic source in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh to five million workers in the news media, it is not right. The Prime Minister’s meeting with the Saudi king and the Employment determine how many workers will be from Bangladesh, was not discussed. Bangladesh Saudi Arabia, according to the needs of the alocanaguloya more efficient, semi-skilled and unskilled workers is the issue. The workers who go to Saudi Arabia, so that they do not fall prey to any intermediary, he has given the importance of the issue of the Saudi authorities. So that all the workers are not tortured while in Saudi Arabia, has also asked for confirmation. In all, the process in Saudi Arabia, the two countries have agreed to establish a transparent management.

Bangladesh visa for citizens of Saudi Arabia, one official said the issue was open, it is now generally available. It will depend on the person’s visa. Without it, the people who work in Saudi Arabia to be will depend on the amount of foreign nationals in the country, he said. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister after a meeting with Saudi businessmen in Saudi Arabia, the biggest maker of Al Bayan Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with the military manpower export welfare agency. The MoU engineers from Bangladesh, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled Construction worker will be appointed Saudi company.

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