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3:06 pm - Wednesday September 26, 0992

Apu going to take legal action

Apu Biswas behind the scenes for a long time. Yaoyara fat contracts in the name of the photographs also gave up midway. And the rest of the shooting, he was not in touch with any of them with the director. Producers and directors are facing billions of dollars in losses.

The secretary general of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar told Channel Online, I came up with some charges. Actress Apu Biswas several days, do not communicate with anyone. His inquiries are not getting. Does anyone know where Alamgir. There are several pictures of him stopped.

If he is not available if the producers will lose a lot of money. And if the allegations are proved, the producer and director of the Association will take legal action against faith on the part of the heroine of the APU. They will do whatever can be done legally. One of the reasons for the heroine, and the producers could not be destroyed.

Meanwhile, some media reported yesterday, has been APU is not the only actress; The name of the byayamagaratio Niketan have disappeared. Last May, without any announcement APU has closed the gym. Earlier, all employees owe has been paid.

Earlier last month, which was the final big-budget ‘basagiri’ blockbuster film actress Nutan has quit Shakeeb way. Because of the complexity of the APU phitinesa said.

In addition, there are currently closed due to the absence of Apu Biswas directed Bulbul ‘politics’ shooting.

Mamatajura Rahman Akbar’s’ My darling, ‘Mannan government-run’ pankujamai ‘, directed by Kamal Kaiser’ masaha work at the end of the film is stuck.

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