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3:32 am - Wednesday October 18, 2017

Forget the place of his brother’s two and a half years in prison, finally free Nurul

Abu Bakr Mustafa Zaman Siddiqui and comprising Justice of the High Court Division Bench passed the order on Thursday.

Nurul Islam, Mohammad Aftab Uddin, was a lawyer on behalf of the court. He told reporters, “because of the mistakes of Sylhet police murder sentenced to life in prison instead of serving a brother, younger brother of Maulvi nunu Nurul Islam (60). Almost two and a half years he has been in Sylhet Central Jail. ”

Voter ID card Nurul Islam, chairman of the documents submitted to the court is different accessories pratyayanapatrasaha. Nurul Islam 6 months after the end of the hearing, the court granted bail.

However, in 199 upazilas of Sylhet Bianibazar debaga Union meoya village madrassah students Abdus Salam Miah, Nazrul Islam alias alias selaiya dinake were killed. The body was recovered from the bank of the canal in the village of his cutthroat.

The dinar’s father filed a case beanibazar. The accused was unknown. The police chief was Bianibazar cirajyoti Chakma. Meoya day before the bodies of police Nazrul Islam Mosque maulabhike nunu arrested.

Dina was a seventh-grader at meoya Madrasa. Maulvi nunu was in the private. But Maulvi nunu was arrested at the request of the people from the police station the next day, the police released him. Several days after the incident, the investigation officer Sub-Inspector Abu Taher nunu maulabhisaha seven accused in the charge sheet submitted to the court.

In 1999, Sessions Court nunu Sylhet Maulvi, Abdul Jalil, Abdul Rahman Saad, Abdus Shahid, Enam Uddin, Md Nizam Uddin and was sentenced to life in prison. Among them nunu Maulvi and Enam Ahmed is absconding. A source claimed, Enam is currently in Saudi Arabia. Maulvi nunu change the name of the spot and he was hiding in four married. Mokalecha meoya village’s seven sons, and the eldest nunu Nurul Islam, Maulvi second.

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