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3:32 am - Wednesday October 18, 2017

Mushfiqur ‘insulting’ replayed a great avenged

We needed two runs in just 3 balls. Twenty World Cup in India Pandey, who went out to hit sixes Rahim. An Indian television program Saturday musaphikake `insulted my ability to hit sixes Mushfiqur Rahim said that India had nei. Pandey smashed the stumps with his third match aipile unknown to revenge the insult made Mushfiqur do not have to hit more sixes.
At the beginning of his third Champions Mumbai bipeksa suffered “cutting master” unknown. The attack came in sixth over cutting. 9 + 13 + 4 runs in the first three overs of the fourth over of the Mumbai Indians crush stumps hardika Pandey. This runs in 6 overs were unknown.

Meanwhile, David Warner, windy batting first has won this year’s IPL team Sunrisers Hyderabad Mustafizur Rahman. Mumbai Indians to bat the 143-run target, winning easily be reached in just 3 wickets in Hyderabad.

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