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4:39 pm - Thursday April 27, 2017

From June 10, eight days the sun will no rise !

nosun-From June 10 until June 17, the sun will rise in the sky. The whole world will be completely dark. That was confirmed by NASA! Menlo Park, California, recently held a press conference at the World Scientist from NASA officially announced.

NASA news BBC, Reuters and CNN news all over the world began to be published as soon as they brawl. This is a rare happening for the first time in 10 million years, according to NASA. 016 from June 10th to June 17th consecutive 8 days for the earth shall be full darkness. So, from June 10, drawn eight uthabena sun!

NASA’s research in this connection at the end of a press release sent to the White House also said that, on June 10th will be the day of the darkness of this world, up eight!

According to the press release, after the first two or three nights in the dark would be annoying to people. Then will begin the incidence of various diseases. Electricity crisis will stretch around the world. Different types of lights will increase sales. In the fifth day of the fourth month increase in suicides. Continuous night once people see the Fed will begin to commit suicide.

So why the news was kept down, Charles Frank Bolden’s asking NASA spokesman, when contacted about this, they did not react much. It did not matter that much to them, but they ruled out kono.

How on earth will be hitting Mars landing before dark,

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