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3:33 am - Wednesday October 18, 2017

Team India’s shocking defeat and told Indian media

India’s batting dock. Nagpur pitch dock. India in Nagpur in shame. It is up to all of this in the dock and stood at 0. World Cup, which India became de facto knockout. That dhonidera to win the match against Pakistan at the Eden Gardens on Saturday. Nagpur pitch that game today, it is not appropriate T 0. It is well known. It pushed all the blame on the pitch dhonidera this rate can not be explained. In this context, the Indian media has been ransacked. What are they saying?

126 runs from the beginning down to the attitude of the body and the screw pitch duranta gave New Zealand a memorable victory. New Zealand at the beginning of the game to get out of playing with three spinners, whose eyes were on the forehead, Dhawan-hardikadera batting their eyes at the growing space. Dhoni (30), Kohli (3), R Ashwin (10), one figures out the rest. Chasing 126 runs on ti20 like a lot of time to score more than 150 runs to chase hard. Even the pitch. A little-known spinner Michael Joseph Hamilton syantanera Nagpur today as the field was yamaduta. 3 pm to 4 pm, and took the crucial wickets of the ball. Sodhi took 3. It was not a good position to chase down India. The first ten overs losing 7 wickets in India dropped down.

Now, what was the matter with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia. If the three-match win tickets cm. Today, however, is not a small oil lamp cm, syantanera to India. Who knew what was written in a disaster?

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