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3:06 pm - Friday September 26, 1006

Liberal minded friends in UAE ‘event is celebrated Valentine’s Day

Liberal minded friends “organized by the UAE-based organizations in the world, Valentine’s Day. Celebrated the day through widespread enthusiasm. “Loves not the Taj Mahal but Mahal mind is right.” Jahangir Ahmed Ali, a symbol of kindness and love. UAE foreseeable healthy culture is a burning example. This is a day surrounded by his wife of romanake Elahi shoots! Sharjah Al baiti hotel room today and say that everything seemed colorful colorful. Paryntae alokasajjba clothing ranging from the unknown purite our position was. Couples made diversification a meeting place. And the songs, riddles, jokes, recite, rose exchange, kekakata, the wisdom of the whole matching color matching. This exciting event was attended by his wife ahammedae Uddin of Chittagong south district Awami League president Mohammad mochalema also attended the event to better engineer Mohammad Abu Zafar Chowdhury, MA chabura, hiru Arshad Hussain, Mohammad Osman, Md Aziz, Mrs. Siraj-ud dala Aziz, sang Palash Jasim Uddin, Syed Arif Rahman, algae Barua, bibhesa Barua, Akhter Shimu, Sarwar Javed, tabalaya sanajita banker, gitare Faisal was conducted iraphanaanusthanatira baduya moss.

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